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Rebranding Company Logo

To maximise the exposure of our logo, we have decided that a new rebranding was necessary for our current logo. To make it stand out more from the rest! Below we explain more why we choose VA as a brand name and our choice of colours.

Client: VA Digital Marketing & Web Design
Project Date: 03 October 2019
Rebranding Logo

Our Thoughts behind the logo

For any company, a logo is one of the essential parts of a company, organisation or project which will become your identity. Logo design is a combination of many ingredients, thoughts, coffee and a bit of magic to create something beautiful. Pure and distinctive shapes and colours, but making sure it is original and meaningful. Our process to logo design a logo is a responsible job, and we go through a lot of ideas, drafts before the creation of a final version satisfying a customer.

VA Digital Marketing & Web Design, is my company that based in Horley, Surrey near Gatwick and Reigate.

For my company logo, I wanted to combine the essential factors in our lives but keeping a beautiful clean design.

I have chosen VA as the primary logo, as it is the first letters of my daughter’s names. The colours I have based on the international colours of CDKL5, which my youngest daughter suffers from.

Horley, Reigate Surrey VA Digital Marketing & Web Design Design