Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

There’s a certain relief to hiring a full-service digital marketing agency – we can deal with everything, from a campaign set up, to management, optimisation and reporting, freeing time for you to work on other areas. However, we also understand that putting all of your digital activity in the hands of one agency requires trust and a close working relationship. That’s why we integrate fully with your in-house team, treating your business like it’s our own, communicating daily, sharing successes and working together to drive performance. And, with our bespoke reports available for you to access at any time, you’ll always be across your activity, performance and success.

Digital Consultancy

We will review your digital activity in single or multiple areas, identifying opportunities for immediate and future growth

Brand Marketing

Every aspect of a brand’s visual and verbal language is important. That's why we work with clients to build and strengthen emotional connections with brands.

Performance Monitoring

We will make sure your online performance meets your demands.

Traffic Analytic

Collecting, analyzing, and using data is what makes your digital marketing rocket to new heights. Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical advantage over the rest of the pack.

Conversion Optimization

An effective conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy will convert a higher percentage of your website’s visitors into customers, regardless of the campaign or traffic source that originally drove them to your site

Social Tracking

Do you know how efficient your Social Media advertising is? We will help how you can improve your Social Media/Online Marketing strategy based on data. Together we will uncover your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve these.

Performance Monitoring Tool

Performance Monitoring Tool

There is a world of opportunity for your business on social media, you just need to know how to take advantage of it.

Our specialists can help you create, develop and manage powerful and profitable social media campaign

Being active on social platforms is about more than just status updates and tweets. Applying proven strategies and techniques can achieve meaningful, measurable commercial objectives and help your business grow by:

  • Boosting brand awareness & reputation
  • Attracting quality web traffic
  • Creating leads
  • Driving sales
  • Generating significant ROI

With the help of an experienced social media agency like Coast, you can leverage the skills of our paid social specialists to deliver an exceptional online experience to your customers.

By utilising advanced targeting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, you can reach your audience in more places than ever before.


Social Media Marketing

By now you will know, social media is the most important tool for building your following and staying connected to your customers. Whether it’s a matter of customer service, launching new products, or inspiring passionate brand advocates, a strong social media presence is vital to any of your marketing strategies.

Here at VA Digital Marketing & Web Design, we would like to become a part of your business, and that can include managing your social media presence. We would be keen working on your organic social activity, We have plenty of experience running paid social campaigns for clients. We understand how these can drive you customers cost-effectively by targeting only the specific demographics that your messages will resonate with the most. When you just want to show your ads to Men over 40, living in Scotland, who like hiking? We are able to do that for you.

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