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Web Development

I able develop websites in all Web technologies such as WordPress, Concrete 5, Drupal, Magento, Shopify and many more platforms. It is even possible to get a custom developed websites and web applications in Python Django, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, and .NET.

As I work together with many technical website wizards mix a potent combination of nerd learning, geek fest participation, Spock-like technical brainstorm sessions, and endless hours watching online tech conferences and listening to propeller head podcasts. Are these guys geeks? You bet they are!

How I Approach Web Development

If you’re looking for custom Internet applications or complex web development solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Any Website development project must be planned out perfectly to ensure success.
I will work closely with you to make sure your interests are implemented and also make sure that any web development project in user experience or UX and UI is always top of mind.

Have an Idea? Here to help to make it visible!